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Organize your thoughts into incredible compositions with a few clicks. It's built for anyone writing anything.

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Features aimed at letting you explore, unrestrained

Datasets for every type of work

Novels, short stories, fanfiction - our metadata UI lets you tune the AI to evoke from a myriad of different fandoms, genres, and authors.

Affordable Plans

Aside from the free trial, our premium plans start at $4.99/month, and $7.99/month for unlimited.

Custom AIs

Our prompt tuning capabilities let you train our model on custom data that you provide. This can be as simple as feeding your AI purely Edgar Allan Poe or as complicated as designing a chatbot with transcript data.

Text to Speech

Configure Holo AI to read generations to you out loud and can choose from 6 different AI voices.


HoloAI stories and generation metadata (like key-context pairs) are client side encrypted. That means the devs have no technical way to access them or give them to anybody else.