Terms of Service

By using or paying for Leonard Cyber (sometimes referrred to in this document as "Leonard")'s Holo AI, you agree to these terms, effective July 17th 2021. Any changes to these terms of service will be accompanied by notifications on the Holo AI website. If you wish to exercise your right to reject such changes, you should stop using Holo AI and/or request a refund for the remaining time in your subscription (for our policy on refunds, see below).

The service

Holo AI is a website and writing aid that allows users to write documents and stories with the "Holodeck" NLP engine. The 'service' described in this document covers the Holo AI website currently at and the external assets owned by Leonard that are used to host, develop, and serve


Leonard was founded as a cybersecurity company and is very serious about protecting its its users' privacy. We want you to have complete control over your stories. Our policy is to never store the basic contents of private documents unencrypted, where someone at Leonard or a third party could access them. However, in order to use the Holodeck engine, certain portions of the story must be processed by Leonard's servers. It is against company policy and these terms for Leonard to access such content (like the document generation metadata, items of which are referred inside the application as a story's World Info, Memory, Author's note...) unless you have granted explicit permission to do so. One example of a reason we might ask for such permission is to assist in debugging a user- or story-specific issue. It's also a breach of Leonard's terms of service for us to wittingly give such information over to a third party.

Legal Requests

While we do not store the contents of users' documents in plaintext on our servers, we will nevertheless attempt to publish the details of any court/government orders for information on Holo AI customers at so that our community is aware of them. The only circumstance in which we would not publish such requests is in case they contain a gag order that legally prevents us from doing so.


We relinquish any copyright we might have over the documents and stories created using Holo AI, assuming the generated materials weren't already ours before being modified by our users. You are free to commercialize, copy, and redistribute those works without legal action from us.


Leonard Cyber reserves the right to modify the service by updating the software or changing and adding features. We will attempt to prevent interruptions and defects in the service and on our website. Despite our best efforts, the service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis, and we do not guarantee that the service will be available at all times, nor the accuracy of the service or any material provided by Holo AI. You are solely responsible for considering the expected future uptime of when making your purchasing decisions.


Leonard occasionally elects to grant users refunds for severe service outages, for helping the Leonard team solve bugs and problems with Holo AI, or for excellent and detailed suggestions. As explained in Disclaimers, these refunds are voluntary, and we do not make any formal SLA or uptime promises. You are actually entitled to a commensurate refund if some or all of your work is destroyed by a software error. In this case, you can contact us (such as by emailing us at [email protected]) and we will grant you a refund for up to six months of your subscription.


In the event that we terminate your account with Holo AI, we will refund you for the outstanding days left in your subscription as long as the reason for the termination is not criminal financial damage to Leonard. We will also provide you a means to access any data you've created or stored in the website for at least two weeks. Holo AI is our product, and we reserve the right to discontinue it for a member for any reason, with few exceptions. In particular, we specifically monitor for and ban users that attempt to resell or sublicense the Holo AI product, loan accounts to others, or attempt to use automated systems to access Holo AI without express permission from Leonard Cyber. These actions hurt other users and raise the price of the product. The only instance in which these terms prevent us from voluntarily refusing service (assuming we are not being legally compelled to) is if the ban is motivated by information that should have been protected by our privacy policy. For instance, we will never ban or take punitive measures against users for the content of private documents they write and store on the service. We will also not take punitive measures against users if the evidence for misuse was obtained due to the result of privacy breaches by someone at Leonard.

Applicable Law and Venue

The terms shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the substantive laws of the United States. Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or in connection with the terms shall be handled by U.S. courts, with the city of Los Angeles's district court as the court of first instance.

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